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About Us


We designed and manufacture what we believe is the very best value in door security hardware! The LineBacker™ is a product that will protect the lives of people we love. For us, it was about product performance and peace of mind! We know that nobody is coming through a door with a LineBacker™ installed on it.


The LineBacker™ Articulated Door Bar, was conceived after two home invasions that took the lives of my niece in Tacoma, Washington, and soon after, the mother of a dear friend in Portland, Oregon. Both were murdered by someone who came through their entry doors. In the case of my niece, she simply answered a knock on her door and her killer pushed through into her apartment where he robbed and killed her. In the case of my friend's mother, two guys kicked in her back door, ransacked her house, broke her fingers getting her rings off, and beat her to death.


Home invasions, or push-in robberies, as they're called, can happen in any neighborhood, any city, any time. And they do! It's a particularly disturbing crime. The victims are people at peace in their home, secure in the belief that because their door is closed and locked, they are safe. They are wrong! ......


Because........Currently,........ Residential door security is an illusion!


As a former general contractor I am quite familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of structural components of homes and apartments, etc. When I set out to design a door restraint I didn't want a band-aide, I wanted to create a truly effective deterrent to unwanted entry.


I also knew that there are times when the door must be opened: to see who is there, to verify identification, receive mail or packages, to provide ventilation, or let pets come in or out. The LineBacker™ allows you to do those things with confidence that you are still in control of whether someone enters, or not.


When you mount The LineBacker™ on your door frame, you can be sure no one is coming through that door unless you want them to! That's got to bring peace of mind when you retire to bed at night.


Our company philosophy is to deliver exceptional value to those who buy our products. We will implement change only when change improves our product. We will stand behind each item we sell. I promise.


Lee Ferguson