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And considering there are times when a door must be opened; To check identification, to accept parcels or documents, to provide ventilation, or let pets in and out; The LineBacker™ allows you to do those things with confidence that you are still in control of who can enter .... or not!


 So....Home Security Means What?

There are really only two issues related to home security. Protecting You and your Family - and - Protecting your "Stuff."

What is your Priority?.... And since...

There are only two times criminals will try to enter your home; 1.-When you or your family are home - or - 2.-When you're away.


When is the need for protection most urgent?

So think for a moment; ... When a stranger knocks on your door.....or doesn't bother to knock.....What do you want to protect you?


Muscular Entry Door Hardware, or remote technology?

Again, that should be simple. So let's face it, security alarms and cameras can alert and record, but they CAN'T STOP FORCIBLE ENTRY! And you may get a video.... you won't want to watch!


And since... home invasions are the fastest growing crime statistic! 

the choice seems clear... you better protect your door with a device that has no peer! And nothing protects your door like a LineBacker™! One of the world's best door locks!

It isn't your door hardware that will fail, it's the surrounding wood that will break!

The LineBacker™ is entry door protection that can't be broken by a simple kick-in

*We recommend that "safe rooms" have a solid core door and long hinge screws that penetrate into the door frame.


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