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Frequently Asked Questions about The LineBacker

Q:How wide of a door can the linebacker fit? My front door is 2 inches wider to get to the wood studs then a regular door?  

A: What is most important is that the mounting bracket screws can penetrate the studs that make up the door frame. Generally, I say that if your outside to outside measurement of the door trim is forty five inches or less. Then you are in good shape. That takes into consideration the frame, (inside the wall) , the jamb,(where the strike plate is located) and the space between them(about 1/4” ) the space is there for squaring the jamb so the door fits well. When the width of the trim exceeds 4.5 inches on any size door, (which is very unusual) it could put the mounting screws outside the interior studs and they will not get to penetrate into them. Inside the forty five inches measurement and you’re good. 

Q:My door trim is very close to the adjoining wall. Will the mounting bracket fit between the trim and the wall?

A:The bracket is one and one-half inches wide. You will need at least that amount of space between the trim and the wall. The only alternative would be to notch out the trim to accommodate the bracket.