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Features & Benefits


1.The Cam/Handle slides to reveal a solid metal pin hinge which lets the bar articulate so the door can be opened and still prevent entry

2.The Cam/Handle rotates onto the contact plate, squeezing the door against its stops. Now it is not possible to move the door by a kick or shock force!

3.The Secure capture/release bracket is unreachable from outside when the door is open. And the inside release only takes a swipe of a finger

4.Easy to install, easy to use. There is no other device that does what it does for securing a door or providing peace of mind!

Every feature of The LineBacker™ was engineered to keep you safe!

Features and Benefits

The components for The LineBacker™ are high quality, precisely machined and cast parts. The mounting brackets are solid metal and secured to the internal structure of the door frame (the part you can't see) by strong steel lag bolts that will not give way to shock forces. The LineBacker™ is reversible and can be mounted on both left and right-hand opening doors. Simply mount the brackets as in the instructions for proper installation.

The solid steel latch-side Swivel Bracket (below left) accepts the keyed steel stud on the swivel end of the bar. The solid aluminum Capture/Release bracket, (below right) secures the other end. Both brackets and the stud holds the bar away from the door trim to prevent contact or scuffing. When the Cam/Handle lobe engages the door contact plate it snugs the door tightly against its stops and the entire thickness of the door is unified to the frame and becomes solid and unmovable.


These features will not allow the door to move, even when a heavy shock load is applied. This saves the door, the door jamb, and the trim, from damage. (Most restraint devices mounted at floor level allow the door to flex which means damage to either the door or the jamb, or both, if a kick-in is attempted.)

When the hinge-side bracket accepts the attachment stud, it cannot be reached by someone from outside the door; even when the door is opened! This attachment stud is captured by the spring-loaded emergency release saddle and can be released from inside with a simple swipe of the hand.


The CAM/HANDLE. The greatest design challenge our engineers had was the CAM/HANDLE. How to get the Cam/Handle to slide and rotate properly regardless of which side of the door it was mounted on! How to make it symmetrical and reversible! The extremely strong CAM/HANDLE operates seamlessly whether mounted on a left or right hand opening door. To prevent undo wear on the lobes of the CAM we have applied a special 3M tape that is used in the automotive industry to reduce friction at wear points. To prevent wear or damage to the door, a small adhesive backed metal contact plate is provided.

Installation and adjustment directions are included in the package.