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The Linebacker

The Linebacker

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What does it take to make your doors safe?


Take a close look at your own door hardware. Look at the edge of the door where the latch and deadbolt are installed. Look at how much wood there is between the hardware and the edge of the door. Now look at the strike plate on the door jamb and see how little wood is left there as well. Check for your self!

How hard would it be for a quick kick to break the wood at either place?

Wouldn't you really want the whole thickness of the door protecting you?

The LineBacker™ is the Best Door Lock available to prevent a Home Invasion or any other unwanted entry through any door! While also protecting your door and the door jamb from damage!

When someone is trying to come through any door in your home, without being invited, it's a home invasion! And it's imperative to have a muscular and reliable door lock on every door, including those leading into your garage, to protect yourself and your family. Better than a latch, better than a deadbolt; The LineBacker™ door bar does not depend on the normal way of securing a door! It is tied to one of the strongest elements of the building, the door frame! Not the jamb, not the trim! It provides matchless door protection that secures you and your family's personal safety. While security alarms and cameras are great for alerting and recording, They do NOTHING to prevent unwanted entry! The LineBacker™ door bar stops intruders from getting through your door to begin with, and offers you true peace of mind when you sleep or if you are gone and your family is home.

The LineBacker™

The LineBacker™ door bar is an attractive, stylized, and reversible articulated door bar/door lock that can mount on either left or right hand doors and is attached to two solid metal brackets, which are secured to the door frame, (the double 2"x 4" wood support column behind the drywall) by two 3-1/2 inch steel lag screws on each side, making it the most secure entryway protection you can get. The handle can be rotated and moved to reveal a muscular machined pin hinge that allows the bar to articulate, which means you can open the door without sacrificing any of the security offered when the door is closed!

The Problem is not your locking hardware, it's what's left of the wood in the door and the jamb!

All entry doors by code must be 1 3/4" thick and have a solid core. But install the latch and deadbolt, one inch holes must be drilled into the door. .

This leaves only 3/8 of an inch of wood to resist a kick-in. (see the video) The strike plate (on the door jamb) is also drilled out leaving only 3/8 of an inch there as well.

When deployed, The LineBacker™ stiffens and snugs the "entire thickness of the door" to the structural frame," making it resistant to any movement. So damage to your door is simply footprints on the outside.............!

It becomes perfect for protecting:

Side garage doors
Retail Cash Rooms
Retail back doors
Any Vulnerable Entry
Door Frame

Creating a "safe room" offers additional protection from intruders!
When someone is in the house who doesn't belong there, you can escape to a "SAFE ROOM". The LineBacker can make a safe refuge out of any interior room with a strong door! A safe room should have a solid core door, a method of exit other than the door, ( a window ladder, etc.) and a sure way of communicating with the outside world. These provisions are important because violent intruders could set the house afire and you may not be aware of it until it is too late to escape.

Why Choose Us?

We wouldn't sell this product if it didn't perform exactly as we present it. If you are concerned about your personal safety or that of your family, The LineBacker™ is for you.